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Summer season is one of the most important season when it comes to a comparison of all weathers. Sunny skies and hot temperature make the environment so pleasant for inhabitants. Unlike other weathers they provide some additional benefits to the people. However, for this season specifically Podiatrists issue special notifications. Some important notifications like how to take care of the hands and feet. Sunny weather helps regulate the skin for you and other bodily processes. It keeps you fit and active so that people can work and do activities as for the winter weather, people tend to become lazy and inactive. They also avoid outdoor activities. Here are some of the other benefits to health and well-being.

For summer seasons many of you show off your pretty shoes, light slippers and sandals. Some of you are also the pool lover so it’s important to keep feet healthy and clean throughout the whole season. It is amazing that that one keeps the toes breathe and sweat free so now we have to make precautions such as keeping the feet in open air. This will help the feet away from bacteria and infections.  

Regardless of men, women in that sector especially love to show off their freshly treated feet and toes, while other times our feet do not aim to show off. Sometimes they are dry, itchy and flaky full of blisters so women know they need maximum attention. There are many blogs that you can read to know what’s good for toes and feet. By reading those blogs you will know what all treatments and hacks will make your feet look great. By reading some blogs you will have some tips and tricks


We all know that SPF is so important for the face and for the feet as well. It keeps the damaging sun rays away from hitting the skin surface. Not just from the tan, sun will also protect from the skin disease and cancer as well. Since the skin surface is straight up facing the sun so it gets damage real quick. Applying a sunscreen will protect them from the damage. Even if you avoid the tan lines, ensure that you wear footwear that is covered. Your tops and bottom of the feet experience weird freckles and blisters if you keep them unprotected so podiatry also recommends that a sunscreen will keep these blisters away.


There are some areas like office areas, where they have different kinds of fungus and bacterial that causes fungal and bacterial infections. Especially in the summer season, it hikes the chances of worsening it. Bare feet are exposed to all the bacteria, germs, fungus especially in the public places. These are the culprits that causes lethal health diseases like the athlete’s foot and the ring worms in the feet. If you also tend to dive in the public pool, you make sure that you well cover your feet. Your kids are heading to an open air, also pack them a pair of sandles that has thick soles that protect their feet from external damages.

Also when these people go home, make sure that wash them their feet with anti-fungal soap and dip their feet into water. Dampen the feet also so that no water dripping gives a home to another bacterium.  Do not forget to disinfect the wipes or spray them after gym or any other sweaty location. In situations like these it is best to prevent feet from the infections.


Drinking water also solves many problems from the body.  It flushes out many bacteria and other toxins from the body. So, in that case drinking water is the top most priority and excellent health habit. In summers, body dehydrates quick early especially when you spend a lot of your time in the outdoors. To drink more water, podiatry near me suggests that drinking more water will help the body to remain hydrated. There are some crucial parts of our bodies like heart, lungs and kidneys that require moderate amount of water. It keeps the organs remain in their good health. When sometimes feet are inflamed, they are prone to injury and chronic pain as well. By staying hydrated and drinking enough water will reduce the chances of all these injuries.


To keep a body away from the infections, do not ever trap in the sweat during the hot weather. Sometimes, weather also gets humid. In the humid season, body tends to have more sweat. Wearing proper socks will also save your feet from stink and sweat. Woolen socks with winter boots will break your thinner cotton socks. If you are out exercising in the steamy weather, then wearing good socks will ventilate and avoid swampy feet altogether.

It does not matter that you are an athlete or a common man, your feet will remain sweaty if your body have the tendency. Be sure that when you are washing your socks, keep them smelling fresh. It is also a great idea to let your socks out in the open air. Keeping them fresh in the open air will also keep them bacteria free. It is also very important to put a fan around your feet before going to bed and sleep with your feet open in air. Your feet are important that taking care of it will make you fresh as a whole.


A trip to a great spa is a great deal for your feet and toes. A nice day at the spa will save your feet from a lot of external damage.  Note that the fungus will act as a tool to spread in the body so these anti-fungal tactics will save you from health diseases. Sometimes, all it takes is to be a little careful with hands and feet.