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Sometimes, when there is a medical issue, you might be skeptical about everything, and the train of thoughts occurs, like “the doctor around the corner is not credible enough”, or “the service of acupuncture near me does not have that kind of expertise”, and so on. Your happy-go-lucky life has been disrupted by an expensive medical emergency with tight money; how will you find a good medical help? How will you afford? That is where the Zirpelins Insurance Services would come out for the rescue. Not only do we cover the cost of medical care in the time of need, we also ensure you get the best healthcare out there to get you an uncompromised service.

Before you decide on getting health insurance from Zirpelins Insurance Services, we have come up with a thorough description of health insurance, and pros and cons of getting one.

A health insurance plan is an agreement between an insurance company and a customer which covers all kinds of medical and dental expenses in the time of need, and in return, the customer has to pay a monthly premium over time. Sometimes, it also covers the bills BEof prescription meds. If you wish to avail the same kind of medical care from the practitioners that are not associated with the insurance company, you will have to pay out of your own pocket, so we encourage you to do an extensive research about the type of plan you wish to avail.

Zirpelins Insurance Services offers various plans as per the convenience and requirements of the customers.  While Medicare Part A and Part B, which are commonly known as Original Medicare, are state sponsored, Medicare Part C and D are the private health plans and at Zirpelins Insurance Services, that are named as Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans, respectively. There is another plan offered by our company, that is Medicare Supplement Plans. Most of the people choose one of the following health insurance plans that come under the domain of Medicare Advantage Plans, as offered by our company:

Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs):

Offers medical insurance involving a wider spectrum of physicians and healthcare workers. HMO accounts for lower premiums comparatively by taking a large number of medical and healthcare specialists on board, but it comes with its own limitations.

Preferred Provider Organisations (PPOs):

They are somewhat similar to HMOs but the arrangement here is a bit different. The healthcare practitioners, dentists and doctors extend their services at lowers rates. In order to gain access to the service, you have to pay to the PPO. The premiums here are a bit higher comparatively, but more flexible.

Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS):

This one is also a part of Medicare Advantage Plan that our company offers that determines how much it will pay to the doctors, hospitals and healthcare practitioners and how much money you will have to pay once you avail the medical care.

All the health insurance plans available at Zirpelins Insurance Services have nothing but your best interest at heart; pretty convincing, no? Also, Health insurance plans, along with hospital indemnity insurance, are offered to the employees as an added value to their compensation packages. Moreover, let me tell you the importance of health insurance and make it difficult for you to say no to it.

Importance of Health Insurance – Why Should I Get It?

  • Getting a good quality health insurance has become extremely important these days as lifestyle related diseases have become so common, even among the youngsters. You don’t have to grow old for the diseases to attack, they make a surprise visits.
  • Healthcare prices are skyrocketing; well, there is no denying that it is becoming more and more efficient as well.
  • The sudden appearance of disease or medical emergency always comes as a shock and at that difficult time, arranging large amounts of money would be no less than a nightmare.
  • You can even protect your family with a family floater plans offered by the insurers.

 Pros and Cons of Getting a Health Insurance:

Everyone comes up with a “pros and cons” list whenever they make any major decision; not only does it make decision making pretty easy, but it is also fun organizing points in their respective columns. It is mandatory to weigh the pros and cons before purchasing a health insurance policy and select the plan that is suits your needs well. Let’s cover the pros, first;

Maximum Coverage:

The health insurance offered by our company not tackles health related issues, but our plans cover pre-hospitalization, hospitalization and post hospitalization, ambulance, daycare expenses etc., and allow you to avail the best possible treatment in lower prices.

Treatment Without Cash:

Our insurance company have arrangements with the hospitals, that guarantee immediate treatment without paying for the facility.

Financial Security:

With the rising inflation, good medical services have become a dream and a good policy saves you the hospitalization costs even during the surging.

Getting a health insurance is not just hearts and flowers, but it also comes with a few cons, mentioned below:


The main point of concern here is the cost of premium as a few companies make the individuals with some preexisting ailments pay higher. This is because the likelihood of availing the insurance is higher.

Waiting period:

You have to wait a certain time period before you could make a claim.


It’s a kind of a claim process in which the customer becomes liable in the claim settlement process. The customer bears this amount at the time of claim settlement and in return, the amount of premium becomes less.

The main point of concern here is the cost of premium as a few companies make the individuals with some preexisting ailments pay higher. This is because the likelihood of availing the insurance is higher.

Since we have burdened you with a lot of convincing information, think no more and select Zirpelins Insurance Services. Protect the assets and things that are meaningful to you. We offer you clear and comprehensive health insurance plans as per your needs and budget. Don’t hesitate to pick up a phone and call Doug!